We believe…

  • that all injuries are preventable if OHSA is properly applied
  • that every employer and employee can contribute to a positive working environment
  • that all employees must be trained in the BCEA and LRA
  • sound labour relations are achieved through an intelligent and committed effort rather than by chance
  • employees are the most important asset and resource in any business
  • that all deficiencies must be corrected
  • in fostering a work environment of discipline, self respect, mutual trust and personal responsibilities

How can we achieve this?

  • The employer is our first responsibility
  • Realise that no urgency is worth compromising Labour Legislation
  • By taking no risks and shortcuts
  • No tolerance towards undisciplined personal behaviour and unsafe working conditions

Our role in achieving this?

  • Taking ownership – personal and collectively
  • Discipline – individual and as a team
  • Courage – to take and implement strong bold and tough decisions according to the code of conduct
  • Build integrity and credibility between the employer and Labour Direct