Did you know?

  • … an employment contract has to comply with specific principles to be a valid contract, whether is be the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) or collective labour law?
  • … termination of Employment has to comply with specific principles to be valid?
  • … that maintaining discipline in a workplace is an employers right and responsibility?
  • … there is automatically unfair dismissals?
  • … there are disciplinary procedures and codes?
  • … that and employee / employer has rights during a disciplinary process?
  • … it is important to analyse the disciplinary problem carefully before entering a disciplinary process, whether it be misconduct, poor work performance or incapacity?
  • … when a company is bought as a going concern, the employment contract automatically continue with the new employer?
  • … there are procedures to be followed for dismissals based on operational requirements, closures, mergers and the sale of a business?